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Bread not Stones

We asked for Bread but you gave us Stones was a 16 page booklet of survivors comments gathered together by Andrew Graystone, an advocate and campaigner alongside survivors. Sent to all bishops and Synod members in time for the February 2018 Synod, a followup was sent a year later in 2019

The entries below are listed in chronological order, to follow the timeline from the first correspondence (top) to last correspondence (bottom).

Stones not Bread

Abuselaw Victims of abuse address the church in their own words I defy any caring, thinking Christian, to read this important document and not be deeply moved and energised by the experience. The way in which any Church responds to survivors of clerical abuse, is an accurate barometer of their...

How to give bread, not stones

Church Times https://www.churchtimes.co.uk/articles/2018/9-february/comment/opinion/how-to-give-bread-not-stones

Stones not Bread revisited

Thinking Anglicans https://www.thinkinganglicans.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Stones-not-Bread-Revisited.pdf