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Ecclesiastical shame

One of the cruellest aspects of re-abuse for many survivors has been experienced within the civil claims system and the ugly collusion between the Church’s insurance company, Ecclesiastical Insurance (EIO/EIG), and the law firm Berrymans Lace Mawer (BLM Law).  Update: 21st July 2022: BLM Law have merged with, and are now known as Clyde & Co.

The links below detail harrowing stories of survivors being thrown into an adversarial ‘horse trade’, and reveal derisory compensation, the use of callous language regarding survivors, misleading a public inquiry (IICSA), ‘hired gun’ medical experts including a former Broadmoor psychiatrist, the practice of ‘desktopping’, use of bogus arguments to belittle the impact and trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse, and other unethical practices. The links also evidence disturbing complicity between the Church’s hierarchy and its insurers who have long been a major ‘cash cow’ for the CofE.

The entries below are listed in chronological order, to follow the timeline from the first correspondence (top) to last correspondence (bottom).

Church of England warned bishops not to apologise too fully to sex abuse victims

The Telegraph


“With careful drafting it should be possible to express them [apologies]  in terms which effectively apologise for what has happened whilst at the same time avoiding any concession of legal liability for it.”    

Stephen Slack, Archbishops Chief Legal Adviser in 2007 to the House of Bishops

IICSA Ecclesiastical Insurance recall

“Was your evidence to this Inquiry last week sufficiently full and frank?” asked 3 times.

David Bonehill (Claims Director)

John Titchener (Compliance Director)

Both senior directors of Ecclesiastical Insurance have since taken early retirement.